- Patterson Police Department, Patterson, LA.

Our Mission

The Mission of the Patterson Police Department is to serve all the citizens of Patterson with loyalty, Integrity, and professionalism. The Patterson Police Department is dedicated to keeping the City of Patterson a safe and nurturing place to live and raise a family.

The goal of the Department is to provide equal treatment to all citizens, protection of life, property and to maintain order in a professional but effective manner through positive interaction with the citizens of Patterson.

Our Station - Patterson Police Department, Patterson, LA.

Our Station

Welcome to the Patterson Police Department website, within this site you will be able to access any and all information needed pertaining to our agency. The site contains a list of all personnel of the patterson Police Department, Jail Visitation requirements, Career Opportunities, A List of fines and their Fees, and much more. The Patterson Police Department's responsibility to our citizens of Patterson is to Protect and Serve them to the best of our abilities with Professionalism, courtesy and Respect. Thank you for visiting our site.

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Reserves - Patterson Police Department, Patterson, LA.

Whether you're looking to get your foot in the door at a law enforcement agency, or you're looking to help serve your community chasing down the bad guy, becoming a reserve police officer is a great thing to consider. Patterson Police Department has a dedicated team of reserve officers thats always willing to assist the department in anyway that they can. The Patterson Police Department reserve division under the leadership of Reserve commander Dalton Cooper has an open arm policy to new members. Please see the contact tab on this site to download and print an application to be turned over to the Patterson Police Department.

Reserve Officers, from left to right:

Travis Bourdier
Patrick Riggins
Wayne Little
Matt Nguyen

Reserve Officers - Patterson Police Department, Patterson, LA.

Contact Details

1314 Main St.
P. O. Box 367
Patterson, LA 70392
Main Phone: (985) 395-6161
Emergency Phone: 911

Our Station

Inside Our Station - Patterson Police Department, Patterson, LA.

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