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Jail Visitation Rules and Regulations

  • Visitation begins at 09:00am and ends at 10:00am unless informed otherwise.
  • All visitors must give a personal ID And Sign Log Sheet To Enter Visitation Area.
  • Visitors Can Not Wear Any Tank Tops, Skirts, And Shorts Must Be 2 Inches From Knee.
  • No Cell Phones, Purses, Tobacco, And Electronic Devices Allowed During Visitation.
  • Any Visitor Caught Passing Anything To An Inmate Will Be Charged With Introduction Of Contraband In A Penal Institute.
  • Any Person Being Released From Jail With A Felony Has To Wait 6 Months Before He/She can Visit An Inmate At Patterson City Jail.
  • All Children Must Be 10 Years Old Or Older.
  • Property Will Be Taken Between 10:00am And 10:30am After Visitation (Hygiene Products, Clothes, And Etc.).
  • On The 15th Of Every Month, Commissionary Will Be Accepted For The Inmate.